My Space

My Space

I am myself. As myself, I experience the world from my own unique vantage point. When I look out of my eyes, I see the world from the perspective of my body. From this perspective, it is clear to me that I exist in the world, in space, and all of the other objects in the universe exist outside of myself, taking up different parts of space. Everything in the universe exists in the vast openness of space, including me. Space is the medium in which all things exist.

I am conscious. I am aware of myself and the world outside of myself because I am conscious. When I look out of my eyes, I see the world, and the experience of seeing happens entirely within my conscious mind. While it appears to me that the objects around me are separate from me, existing outside of myself in space, in truth I can only verify that I experience those objects within me, in my mind. The same is true for my feeling of having a body, of being myself. While I experience the feeling of having a body, and so it seems that my body exists, in truth I can only verify that my feeling of being takes place entirely within my conscious mind. Both the experience of perceiving objects that appear to be separate from me and the the internal sense of being myself occur entirely within my conscious mind. For this reason, it is accurate to say that I, and objects, and space all arise entirely within the vast openness of my conscious mind. Mind is the medium in which all things exist.

Mind and space are very similar. Both are completely invisible. Both have no substance, and yet seem to exist. Both hold the entire universe within them. As time goes by, matter and energy move through space in constant transformation. No matter what happens in space, be it the formation of the universe or the destruction of a star, space remains an unchanging openness that accommodates everything without prejudice. On the other hand, it is impossible to refute the fact that the entire universe, and even space itself, arises entirely within mind, which accommodates everything without prejudice or limit. If I am being completely honest and logical, I must admit that my mind is the space in which the entire universe resides.

Normally, we spend our time living from the perspective of being a self, in a world, in space. From that perspective, mind seems to reside somewhere within us, and is the phenomena that gives us access to perception of the world around us. We might say, “I have a mind, and I use it to perceive myself and the world around me.” But if we really take the time to think about it, we are leaving out the fact that we experience everything within mind. This fact is irrefutable. No matter what we experience of the world through our senses, if we ask, “Where does that experience take place, in space or in mind?” the only accurate answer is mind. Space takes place in mind, not the other way around. This is everyone’s experience, without exception, so doesn’t that make it true?

Generally, our tendency is to reject this particular truth. The feeling of there being a self and objects existing in space is so familiar, so prevalent, that it may at first sound like heady philosophizing to say that mind is the space in which all things arise. But we’re not talking in abstracts here. We’re talking about the concrete, personally verifiable, undeniable, simple, direct truth: All experiences of self and world arise and reside entirely within the conscious mind.

I think it is valuable to spend some time thinking about this. I recommend challenging the idea. Test it out. See if you can refute it. And then, when you give up, and admit that you’ve never experienced anything at all that didn’t take place entirely within the realm of your conscious mind, you can begin to contemplate the consequences of this truth.

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